1.     What makes Gyes-SUITE different from all other ERP solutions?

Gyes-SUITE is not another ERP solution but a top-up strategic MIS solution. How does this work? Gyes-SUITE is a transformational all-in-one system that works at the top of all your management applications running in your company. Gyes-SUITE digests all data saved in your ERP/ERM and CRM systems and delivers a quality insight on your deskstop or on your mobile phone  upon your needs.

In other words, yesterday you had most expensive modules and applications running independently and needing top experts for each application and even each module. Today you have Gyes-SUITE working as an intuitive tool, exploiting all those data provided by all those ERP applications and delivering your expected reports or alerts at one single place, online, without the bunch of experts in each category and the incremented respective costs.

2.     Is Gyes-SUITE compatible with other ERP systems?

Yes, Gyes-SUITE’s core competency is to smoothly integrate with all other ERP systems running in your company today upon a user-friendly web-based architecture.

Gyes-SUITE is a solution that has been developed over the last 16 years and that aims to be the best top-up MIS in the world today. We have a dedicated and experienced development team in-house and we are executing an ambitious plan to continue developing the application from both functional and technical perspectives.

3.     Do I need to get rid of my current ERP systems?

No, you can keep them all as is and integrate Gyes-SUITE at the top. You can then later on decide whether to keep those current ERP systems or remove them when redundant.

4.     What is Gyes-SUITE support for security features?

  • Encrypted communication (https/SSL).
  • Digest passwords (SHA-1 BASE 64).
  • Centrally maintained access control (all Gyes-SUITE servlets extend from HttpSecureAppServlet.java which ensures that no unauthenticated access is allowed).
  • Standard session management through the Servlet API (HttpSession).
  • Declarative authentication mechanism to implement Single Sign On.

Two upper levels of security:

  • Access control: users are assigned to roles. For each Gyes-SUITE component (Windows, process, reports, forms, etc.) defined roles are granted.
  • Client/Organisation filtering: all data in Gyes-SUITE belongs to a client and an organisation. Each Gyes-SUITE role is defined in the system upon clients and organisation. Info is filtered to show info just from the allowed clients/ organisations.

5.     What Gyes-SUITE modules are available?

  • Top level management reporting
  • Configuration management
  • Facility management
  • Project management
  • Skill management
  • Activity management
  • Notification management
  • Mobile application (for Android and iOS)

6.     Do I need to buy all the available modules to get it run?

No, you can buy one or several modules upon your needs, “Go as you like”.

7.     Can I use Gyes-SUITE as an SaaS application?

Yes, Gyes-SUITE is a web based application that can be downloaded as a service online. Gyes-SUITE is designed to provide the same software to a large community of users.

8.     Can I run Gyes-SUITE on my own server? Can it be hosted?

Yes, Gyes-SUITE can be hosted on your own server but can also if you want be hosted at the company BayCIX in Germany.

9.     Can Gyes-SUITE be integrated to active directory for list/authentication?

Gyes-SUITE supports pluggable authentication for integration with central authentication services. Therefore it is possible to integrate Gyes-SUITE with active directory to authenticate users.


1.     What is the recommended hardware configuration for Gyes-SUITE?

Suggested configurations:

Small size installation (up to 20 concurrent users):

  • 1 server (database and application)
  • Processor Intel Xeon or Pentium IV
  • 3 GB RAM (with 2 GB RAM, up to 10+ concurrent users)
  • RAID SCSI discs, 60 GB

Medium size installation (up 40 concurrent users):

  • 1 server (application)
  • Processor Intel Xeon or Pentium IV
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 1 server (database)
  • Processor Intel Xeon or Pentium IV
  • 2 GB RAM
  • RAID SCSI discs, 120 GB

Large size installation:

  • 2 servers (application)
  • 2 servers (database)
  • 2 servers (ReportEngine)
  • Processor Intel Xeon or Pentium IV
  • 4 GB RAM
  • RAID SCSI discs, 120 GB

2.     Can I change the tcg logo to my company logo?

Yes, Gyes-SUITE is customisable.


  • Does Gyes-SUITE support multi-tenancy (one instance for multiple companies with multiple organisations within each company)?

Gyes-SUITE is based on customers’ needs, therefore, it is possible to set up the application for multiple companies as well as separate entities or business units

  • Is there any functionality within Gyes-SUITE to audit user’s actions?

BPMS can be activated within the incident management framework.


  • In which languages is Gyes-SUITE currently available?

English, German and much more! Gyes-SUITE has been designed with the Struts Framework to allow localisation into any western language.

About: Gyes-SUITE has been designed by tcg, a company operating since more than 10 years in the high-tech industry worldwide. tcg’s customers are among the world’s largest companies: Alcatel-Lucent, Audi, Bank of America, China Telecom, Credit Suisse Alpha, Siemens, VW (short list).

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