Gyes-SUITE® is an application that integrates all your enterprise solutions such as customer relationship management (CRM) or enterprise resource planning (ERP), into a transformational all-in-one system, providing business intelligence within an open framework. The Gyes-SUITE® solution supports critical business applications, allowing maximum use of both IT and human resources. With Gyes-SUITE®, companies can streamline business processes and drastically reduce costs while maximizing revenue.

Gyes-SUITE® definitively eases company’s business processes while integrating applications related to their line of business.

Gyes-SUITE® Deployment

Standards used:

  • Process management: BPMN, BPEL
  • Enterprise Service BUS: XML
  • Interface: Web Services
  • Data management: SQL
  • Programming language: Java 1.6
  • Frameworks: Struts, Tiles, jQuery
  • Database connexion: JDBC
  • Database supported: ORACLE, PostgreSQL


Installation Requirements:

  • Servlet-Engine: i.e. Tomcat
  • Webserver: (optional) i.e. Apache
  • Using the integrated message management: SMTP-Server
  • Using the integrated document management: File-Server

Operating Systems:

  • Windows, MAC, Linux


Graphic User Interface (GUI):

  • Web-based (from Internet Explorer 7.0, Safari 3.0, Opera 10.6)
  • Fully configurable (upon customer’s requirements)
  • Layout upon tiles
  • Design over Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)
  • Localizations supported: de_DE, en_EN, etc.


Tailor Views Based on Employee Role:
With the Gyes-SUITE® role-based scenarios, employees become more productive and responsive, since their views are tailored to the information they need. They have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips for addressing customer service problems or questions or handling projects.

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