Siemens acquired the innovative Gyes-SUITE® strategic enterprise solution to manage its needs in service and delivery resources. Gyes-SUITE® is bringing people and organisations together in a way that has not been done before while drastically reducing administrative costs.

Gyes-SUITE® integrates all ERP applications into a single, unified platform that delivers a more efficient and effective work place. Gyes-SUITE® was designed to address an increasingly important customer issue: the ability to manage multiple ERP applications with different user profiles.

The multiple ERP applications management headache
Without Gyes-SUITE®, organisations suffer from multiple systems overload and misdirected communications that delay decisions, slow down processes and reduce productivity.

The Gyes-SUITE® technology ensures information reaches recipients quickly through the most appropriate medium, no matter where they may be working or what application they may be using.

Building flexible enterprise interactions
Today, all ERP applications run in a same company cannot speak to one another” said Philipp Peters, Managing Director of tcg. “The information or data saved with one application is neither readable nor accessible from other applications. Therefore, the information flow is just restricted to at least one department, no matter how many networks are used. Companies today are looking for a cost-effective solution to further develop and manage their resources in a more effective and holistic way.”

PS: another leading international transport and logistics service provider is implementing this solution in Germany.

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