Competitive Analysis

The 6 most critical issues with the biggest ERP vendors and how the Gyes-SUITE solution differentiates from them:

Biggest ERP Vendors’ Solutions Gyes-SUITE Solution
  • Outdated technologies (i.e. SAP R/3)
  • Proprietary systems
  • Gyes-SUITE uses the latest technologies and is not a proprietary system.
  • Gyes-SUITE’s standards: BPMN, BPEL – XML – Web Services – SQL – Java 1.6 – Struts, Tiles, jQuery – JDBC – ORACLE, PostgreSQL
  • Not oriented to object but to standard procedures
  • Gyes-SUITE is object-oriented
  • Unflexible to changes and upgrades: The entreprise operates upon the application and not the other way around
  • Gyes-SUITE is a game for kids in regard to changes, updates and upgrades. Gyes-SUITE does not require support from external consultants for the rest of your life
  • Too high complexity
  • Only 10 to 50% of features used
  • Gyes-SUITE is funtional
  • No unnecessary features
  • Very unfriendly GUI
  • Gyes-SUITE is user-friendly – Just ask for a live demo
  • Hidden licence policy
  • Very high costs
  • Gyes-SUITE’s licence policy is online: > english > costs
  • Gyes-SUITE is affordable: 45€/licence/user

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